Chinese American Nurses Association SCHOLARSHIP

The CANA Scholarship was created by the Chinese American Nurses Association (CANA) to express the association’s commitment to improving nursing care in Asian communities by educating culturally competent qualified nurses. The fund provides financial support to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level nursing students who are of Chinese heritage and demonstrate a strong commitment to nursing and Chinese American health.

This year, two scholarship recipients will be chosen and each recipient will receive $2,000 for the scholarship award, and continue to support CANA events. To apply, students must:

  • Be of Chinese heritage.
  • Be a matriculated undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student registered for nursing school in an accredited nursing college.
  • Have completed at least one academic semester of nursing courses.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better.
  • Submit an official transcript from the Registrar as evidence of your good academic standing,
  • Submit a Letter of Recommendation from one of your current nursing school professors.
  • Be a Student Member of CANA at the time of application.
  • Current CANA committee members are ineligible for two years,
  • Submit a brief, typed, and double-spaced personal statement (500 words or less) about:
    • What influenced you to choose a career in nursing?
    • Your goals and commitments to nursing and Chinese-American health
    • Have you partaken in any kind of community service? If so, what were they for, and how long? 
  • Commit to participating in at least one CANA event after receiving the award, OR explain how you are able to demonstrate your ability to represent CANA in your own location
  • Attend CANA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October to accept the award, OR send an acceptance video of yourself to be viewed at the event
  • Attend or send a video to the following year’s AGM to report how the scholarship has impacted your studies or community service to receive the next installment of your award*

The application deadline is October 1st, 2022. The application form can be downloaded from the website. Please submit a completed application form and all supporting documents via email to Attn: Director of Scholarship Committee,

The CANA Scholarship Committee will not review incomplete applications and those that have passed the deadline. Awards cannot be deferred and decisions are final. Past scholarship winners are ineligible to apply again, and will not be considered.

*Scholarship winners will receive the $2000 award in THREE years. First-year is $1000, then $500 for each subsequent two years.

CANA Scholarship applicants must consider the commitment set forth upon the winning recipients. Scholarship recipients will receive the entire $1000 award upon completing the initial application, meeting the application requirements, and time commitment towards CANA and the Chinese/Asian American community.

The $2000 scholarship will NOT be awarded in one lump sum:

  • Recipients will receive award over 3 years.  First-year will receive the entire $1000, then $500 for each subsequent two years.
  • Regardless of the recipient’s year in nursing school, the recipient may continue receiving awards even after graduating from nursing school, and becoming a working registered nurse (RN) if the timeline is within the 3-year period, and continues to meet the time commitment to CANA (see below).
  • Recipients will collect each $500 installment at the subsequent AGM upon completing their time commitment to CANA.

By accepting the CANA Scholarship, recipients are agreeing to commit to the requirements set forth by the scholarship application:

  • Meeting all requirements of the CANA Scholarship application (above).
  • Submitting a complete scholarship application by the due date.
  • Attend AGM to collect the next $500 award installment, or send a video self-describing how the CANA Scholarship is positively impacting your schooling and views of your future career in nursing.
  • The recipient must commit time to CANA by attending and participating in at least one (1) CANA event each year between each AGM when the next $500 installment is awarded.
    • Applicable CANA events are considered:
      • Community health fair in which CANA participates
      • AGM
      • Chinese New Year Luncheon
      • Annual Fundraising Gala
      • Monthly CANA Board meeting
      • Other various events where CANA is a participant
      • The approved independent event that the recipient attends as a representative of CANA (especially appropriate for applicants who are not located in the NYC metro area where CANA events are usually held)
    • Recipients who do not make efforts to commit to attending and participating in at least one (1) CANA event per year between each AGM within the 3-year award period are subject to NOT receiving future award installments, thus forfeiting the rest of their award.