President’s Message


Dear all CANA members, supporters, and friends,

Happy 2023 and beyond!

My name is Theresa Chan, and I am the Chinese American Nurses Association (CANA) President for this 2023-2024 two-year term. I look forward to serving you and our community in this leadership role. As president, I will make sure CANA continues building on all of the amazing accomplishments we’ve achieved over the years, growing as an organization, developing as leaders in nursing, and advocating for the Chinese and Asian American communities. 

If you’re not familiar with me, I’ve been a CANA member since 2015. I first joined as a student member while I was attending Seton Hall University for my entry-level Master’s in Nursing program. I even became a CANA Board Member as a student; contributing my experiences in planning large formal fundraising events. I started out on our board as a member of the Activities Committee. If you’ve attended one of our Annual Fundraising Galas in the last 6 years, I’ve been co-chairing it since 2017. For the past four years, I also served CANA as the Vice President. 

Over the years, CANA has indeed helped me stand out amongst my classmates and peers. CANA holds a special place in my heart. I’ve gotten so much out of being a part of CANA, not only as a professional organization but in the friendships I’ve made since moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope all of our members can feel the professional and heartfelt benefits CANA has to offer, and are proud to say they are CANA members. 

In my term, I want to focus on our members- fostering even stronger leaders in our community and within nursing. Let’s work together. Let’s start within our own organization. CANA is already a great supportive organization with excellent teamwork. Therefore, I implore all of our members to increase your involvement in CANA. Whether you can do this by encouraging new membership, or presenting your great ideas to our board, I look forward to your involvement, strengthening the representation of Chinese American nurses, expanding our network, and creating new friendships.


Theresa Chan, MSN, APN, FNP-C, FNP-BC, RN

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